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About Us

Bridger Charter Academy

A Part-Time Proficiency-Based Program at BHS

Located in the new D-wing at BHS

  • BCA students take all other courses at BHS.
  • Bridger still abides by all BHS attendance and disciplinary policies.
  • Algebra and world geography are not offered for 2021-2022.

A Proficiency-Based Program

We have the same rigor as BHS and GHS, but we assess students based on the specific content and cognitive skills for a course, rather than grades per assignment, quiz, etc. We have teamed up with the national Summit Learning program for our learning management system and proficiency-based teaching philosophies.

  • We create a quality-not-quantity pathway for students to develop proficiency; that means finishing (and typically revising) every project or test.
  • Students sometimes need less time, sometimes more, for different projects or skills. Teachers help students practice managing their time in order to reach overall mastery, while still keeping up with the course pace.
  • If students do not reach proficiency by the end of the semester, they will have an "Incomplete" in the course (rather than a D or F) until they show proficiency in all required content and cognitive skills for the course.
  • If a student already has strong skills or previous knowledge, they can demonstrate this proficiency and move more quickly. That means a student can even finish a course before the end of a semester.
  • If a student is behind on credits, they can move more quickly and make up for gaps in previous work, if they have the drive to do so (see below).

A Community of Learners

As a program, we focus on developing students' self-awareness, independence, and habits for success.

  • Our small class sizes (15:1 student-teacher ratio), community activities, teacher-student mentoring program, and embedded reflection on self-directional skills help students learn to help themselves.
  • Students do best in Bridger when they want to become independent, self-disciplined learners who set goals, make plans, and follow through to reach new academic heights, or change their strategies when what they're doing isn't working.
  • Students do best in traditional classes when they prefer explicit teacher-led instruction, mandates on time usage, or strict deadlines.

BCA is a strong fit for students seeking:

  • A small learning community within a larger high school (15:1 student/teacher class ratio)
  • A focus on academic, personal, and social-emotional growth
  • Strong, positive teacher/student and student/student relationships
  • A desire to develop self-motivation and habits for success
  • A supported but self-driven work environment
  • Progression through coursework based on proficiency, not time

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